Our main attraction is CONVEINENCE! After you take a morning stroll along the river, have breakfast at a local coffee shop or bakery, you can visit the Mission or Museum, go shopping and come back for a siesta, then walk to another adventure. We are close to everything. alt=”" src=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Wifi is available in all the rooms and courtyard. Sit next to the outdoor fireplace on a cool winter evening, enjoy the pool on the warm days or take short walks to the bank, restaurants, taco stands, stores and downtown festivals.Close to the Mulege River, shown here at sunrise.

While we are taking the tour, let me note a few things about Mulege and it’s fine people and visitors. Some visitors have been here continuously or at least once a year for the past 35 years!  and the sign at the entrance to the town say 3.100 habitantes; but  it hasn´t been updated in the past 30 years or so; but who cares?
The North American community has about 135 permanent residents and up to 500 seasonal guest between the town and our neighboring beaches.    Not that we totally understand the North Americans, we do find their culture “interesting” …..why, just last week or so, they held a “Pig race”, yes a pig race with live pigs.  Well, we couldn’t figure out who was having more fun, the pigs or the pundits.

As an aside, the fishermen hold several tournaments each year with the net proceeds going to the Mulege Fire Department, who also distributes the donations to the most needy families in our community.  One of the most deserving recipients is the “frontier school” which houses children from the hinterlands during the week when there is no other way for them to get an education.     they go back home into the mountains for the weekends.  So far, this school has enabled xxx kids to get a university education!  Thanks in a very big part to the North American donations.
If you are so inclined, I will be happy to arrange for you to visit the school so you might donate books, supplies, food, (money) whatever.  The kids are truly appreciative.

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